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Who are you building for?

By Berit Griffin July 11, 2011

We’ve talked a lot here about who today’s home-buying customers are. Are they young? Old? Families? Empty nesters? Etc.

But what if you have no idea who they are? It’s important to watch trends closely, but sometimes it seems like people don’t even know what they want. We found an article on BUILDER that goes into a little more detail about this. They quote an expert, Brent Harrington, as saying “There is no ‘today’s consumer.’ They are incredibly diverse.”

How true! BUILDER points out that the United States continue to grow in population, so there will be more young families needing homes. At the same time, people continue to live longer, necessitating universal designs for aging in place. Let’s not forget, too, that households without children continue to rise.

What do those people want? How do you figure out who your customers are? Is it location (e.g. a new downtown condo tower might appear more to young singles than those with kids)? Do you do market research to figure out what you need to do? Or do you just focus on good design and trust that your customers, whoever they may be, will love it? Let us know in the comments!