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What's dirty in your house?

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows May 7, 2013

The Kitchn recently featured “9 Spots in Your Kitchen That Could Use a Good Scrub.” They include knife blocks, can openers and the refrigerator water dispenser. This got us thinking about spots throughout the house that always seem to be forgotten when cleaning.

Here are three of mine:

  • Radiators: I like the look of my old radiators, but wow can they collect dust! Radiator cleaning is an easy cleaning task to put off. It’s such a pain to get into all those spaces. But put it off too long and you have a very dusty piece of metal.
  • Behind the range: There’s crumbs, dust and who knows what else back there. But it’s so hard to get into and moving the stove takes a lot of effort–so the task is put off. And off. And off.
  • Baseboard corners: My baseboard corners often seem to have a layer of dust and grime on them. How does it get there?! I always run a duster over them regularly, but the corners never seem totally clean.

Safe space here: What’s the area of your house that you either hate to clean or just always seems dirty no matter what you do? Share in the comments!

Image courtesy of massdistraction on Flickr