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What's a good splurge in a bathroom remodel?

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows May 21, 2013

The bathroom may be the most private room in the house, but it’s also a place that can be easily modernized.  And let’s not forget that it’s the one room in the house where non-overnight guests can take a look around unsupervised, behind a locked door. For those reasons, bathroom remodeling is often top of homeowners’ remodeling wish lists. And while a spiffy new bathroom with a new layout, appliances and flooring is great, there’s definitely room for lots of unique little touches.

DIY Network has a great roundup of bathroom remodel splurges. Some make sense and some seem to be things that … don’t. Let’s take a look.

If you’ve ever had heated floors in your bathroom, you know the simple joy that comes from not shivering on cold tile on winter mornings.


No more lining your tub with shampoo bottles when you remodel your shower to include recessed storage. It’s practical and beautiful.


Bidets are handy bathroom appliances, but maybe a remote-controlled one is a bit excessive.


If you want your bathroom to be a relaxing, serene place, don’t include a stock ticker in your remodel. Seriously.

What do you think are the most and least useful elements of a bathroom remodel?

Images courtesy of DIY Network.