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Video: Esther Greenhouse discusses universal design, balancing form and function

By John Kirchner December 3, 2012

A bathroom that employs principles of universal design

Universal and enabling design refers to products and spaces that are created in a way that they serve all people, with or without a disability. To achieve this design, designers must first consider the function of product or space and then examine the needs of the people who will use it.

Esther Greenhouse, environmental gerontologist and enabling design advocate, provides insight into the different aspects of enabling design. She also discusses how Marvin’s designers are creating windows and doors that meet people’s needs while maintaining the style and beauty they’ve always been known for.

Some easy solutions for universal design are:

  • Varying counter heights in the kitchen
  • Having a curb-less shower
  • Using door handles instead of knobs

Hear was else Esther has to say about Marvin and universal design:

[photo courtesy of Nancy Hugo, CKD, via Flickr]