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Utility cube: Putting all of your home's space-eating necessities in one small, compact space

By John Kirchner August 16, 2012

There’s something endlessly fascinating about the ways in which people use small spaces, whether its a home with a practically microscopic footprint or an apartment so compact it seems as though it’d fit inside most residential bathrooms.

Part of the fascination — a large part, surely — is simply from seeing the clever and creative ways in which people get the most out of the space they have. That creativity can often inspire ideas for other, more “normal size” living spaces.

Take this home, for example, shown in the video below. The small apartment in Barcelona has been laid out in a way that condenses all the necessary but less enjoyable parts of a home — utilities, closets, refrigerator, bathroom — all jammed into a cube the occupants literally live around. They tucked all the junk in one small, compact space, and they’re free to do what they want with it.

How might this inspire what you do with your yet-unfinished basement or your smaller summer get-away space? Watch the video and read the article at AOL’s Styleist for more.