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Understanding the Funk Cycle of Construction Projects

By Marvin Windows September 11, 2013

Have you ever taken on a home construction project — either a renovation or a new build — and found yourself alternating between gloom and exhilaration? Of course you have — it’s inevitable.

And if you understand that, you can more easily roll with the punches, says Patrick O’Toole of Professional Builder magazine and What you see above is The Funk Chart, a tool created by Houston remodeler Dan Bawden of Legal Eagle Contractors. It tracks the emotional roller coaster that families, their architects and contractors go through during the course of a project.

Bawden created The Funk Chart to help him explain to his clients what they might expect when starting a project. But it’s a fun and surprisingly insightful view of the natural ups and downs anyone will experience when navigating something as disruptive and consuming of time, energy and money as a major home project.

Know that you’ll have letdowns as well as triumphs, and always remember: Everybody will be happy in the end!