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Tips for tackling traditional landscaping design

By John Kirchner April 9, 2012

Writing for, Marianne Lipanovich shares some thoughts on traditional landscape design:

Traditional landscaping can get a bad rap in design circles. It’s not daring; it doesn’t push the envelope; it’s something you can see everywhere. However, traditional gardens that are done well have a lot going for them. They’re instantly appealing, they work well with any number of house styles and they evoke a sense of graciousness and a connection to the past.

One of the core elements of traditional landscaping, she explains, is greenery: well-manicured lawns with clean lines provide the foundational canvas, and trees often play a major role. The garden beds are often filled in with shrubs and leafy green plants.

Marianne’s post is full of more detail, more ideas and loads of beautiful photos. Check it out.

[photo courtesy of Winn Design & Remodeling via]