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Tips for adding color to your porch

By John Kirchner May 23, 2012

Whether enjoying a book, grilling up dinner or entertaining guests, the porch is the ultimate summer destination. But just because it’s a place for rest and relaxation doesn’t mean you should let your porch become boring and drab.

“Amp up the color,” writes Houzz‘s Becky Harris. But the process is off injecting color into one’s porch is more complex than that. Here’s some great tips from Harris for adding vitality and joie de vivre to everyone’s outdoor space.

  • Get all color from the home’s exterior
  • Match a color from the architectural elements to furniture
  • Bring in color through smaller pieces of furniture
  • Paint a few wooden pieces
  • Pay attention to the floor
  • Use an outdoor rug
  • Use throw pillows
What’s your favorite thing about owning a home with a porch?
[Photo courtesy Rachel Reider Interiors]