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The return of wallpaper?

By John Kirchner June 6, 2012

It’s a rare moment when wallpaper enters discussion of high-end decor options. Face it, wallpaper (as we knew it) has become somewhat antiquated, having taken a third-row seat to paint over the past decade or two.

But for those who dread paintbrushes, tape and drop clothes — who doesn’t?! — wallpaper is back with vengeance thanks to several new modern manufacturers. Gone are the floral, fruit and plaid patterns of yesteryear. New options feature contemporary palettes, bold textures and many playful, avant-garde designs.

Could we be entering the great wallpaper renaissance? That’s up to homeowners. But check out this slideshow from Dwell (including swatches like the one above) to see why wallpaper might be making a very stylish comeback.

[Photo courtesy Dwell]