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The colors of Thanksgiving make for delicious interior design

By John Kirchner November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving decor tends to get lost in the whir somewhere between Halloween and Christmas. That’s a shame, because Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that gives homeowners reason to experiment with many beautiful colors that can actually work year round.

One of the signature colors of fall, pumpkin pie orange, can easily work throughout the four seasons. No, you’re not dreaming in a tryptophan-induced coma — pumpkin pie orange is a real color, and it happens to blend marvelously is a paint color or beams subtly as an accent color.

On, Charmean Neithart has assembled a series of photos showcasing how you can make the colors of Thanksgiving work around your home. Although any use of pumpkin pie orange or similar hues should come with proper warning: May induce insatiable hunger

Don’t miss Neithart’s delicious post.