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Tackle your laundry with sleek organization

By John Kirchner October 24, 2012

Technologically speaking, laundry has made some impressive advancements over the past few decades. Wrinkle-free fabrics are now common place. Modern day washers clean clothes with little more than a thimble full of detergent. New dryers claim to dry up to 14 pairs of jeans in a half-hour flat.

But still, we haven’t seen the invention of self-cleaning clothes. That means laundry management is still a must, and taming the piles of dirty clothes in your home can be a tall task, especially if you have children.

Over at Houzz, Lisa Frederick serves up some great new products and ideas for managing your laundry situation (like in the photos you see above and below). Be sure to check it out, but first, share with us your secret to keeping your laundry in order.

[Photos courtesy Houzz]