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Study groups homebuyers based on lifestyle, desires

By Integrity Windows July 6, 2012

If you’re building a new home or if you have one on the market, envision your ideal prospective buyer. Why is your home right for them?

Though it may be entirely subliminal, no home is built without considering how it may ultimately meet the needs and desires of its owners. And it turns out said owners can basically be categorized into four types, according to American Lives, a market research group that specializes in psychographics.

According to an article published on, the group types are defined as:


“Traditionalists live by a strict code of right and wrong and tend to defend what they know to be true. They also tend to stay in houses a long time and will not move unless a big life change occurs, such as the kids leaving the home.”

Cultural Creatives

“Cultural Creatives are well educated and interested in social and global issues, especially sustainability. They generally are active participants in their community and are constantly looking to expand their horizons. While they tend to be successful in their professional lives, they don’t flaunt it.”

Winners with Heart

“Winners With Heart seek status, and their homes are an important statement piece. They are goal-oriented and keenly focused on ‘making it’ in their business and personal lives, says Warrick. A sense of community is important, but having the best address is absolutely critical. While they are environmentally aware, they often make decisions for upgrades like granite countertops in lieu of green elements.”


Trenders are younger, upward strivers who want the winner lifestyle, but will settle for upscale touches as they build equity. Their ideal home is loaded with features, even if it’s small. ‘They want the below-average price point, but with big splashes,’ says Warrick. ‘The entertainment center is a showcase for this group, and they want their front elevation to make a strong statement to the street.'”

When you envision your ideal prospective buyer, which of these groups do they fall into, and why?