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Spring is here: Tips on combating basement moisture problems

By Lou Manfredini April 27, 2011

Spring is a terrific time. Everything is new. But with spring can also come moisture and water issues, in particular if you have a basement. Controlling that moisture in your basement has a direct effect to the overall health of your home. If you have a crawlspace that is damp and smelly, you should be even more concerned with controlling those issues.

basement mildewThe first step is to ensure you do not have any water leaking into your basement. If you do, you should be contacting a qualified basement waterproofing company to address the situation. Sometimes the repair can be an epoxy injection into a crack, or if the water is more severe, a perimeter drain tile system and a sump pump. Most states require you to disclose any water issues in your home at the time of a sale, so this is one repair you have to do in order to attract potential buyers.

Now, even if the water is controlled, a basement and crawl can still have an odor. Electric dehumidifiers can help tremendously but need to be sized correctly. These units are rated by pints of moisture they can remove and also by the square footage of your space. There are also larger units that can be professionally installed that can bring in fresh air to combat moisture and help to control odor. These units work really well.

If you have a crawlspace with a dirt or even a concrete floor and you still have that musty smell, consider having it encapsulated. Basically this is a vinyl pool liner that covers the floor walls and even the ceiling of your crawl and then it’s vented from underneath. That way any moist air is vented out of the space and you have a very clean space to store items.

By taking some of these steps you will have a dryer, more healthy home.