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Spring Gardening Tips round-up from around the Web

By John Kirchner April 29, 2013

Here in Minnesota, we were shoveling six inches of snow just last week. So forgive us if our minds haven’t really been on gardening. But now spring really has arrived, and so we’re offering a roundup of  tips to help you get your garden started right.

Better Homes and Gardens offers a good, basic checklist, including for the earliest part of the season:

  • Check for signs of growth
  • Prep the beds
  • Prune
  • Start seeds indoors

But wait; there’s more! Here’s a nice batch of tips from Martha Stewart Living that, though first posted long ago, still pertain today. For those more inclined to growing food than ornamentals, here’s a roundup from The Chicagoist.

We love this batch of tricks from Paul James, master gardener at HGTV. Did you know you can use coffee grounds to help grow azaleas and gardenias? Or that your car makes an excellent oven for drying herbs?

If you have any doubts about your gardening skills, don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Get a few basic directions under your belt, then get out there and dig!

Photo courtesy northernexposure