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Some Very Cool Summer Entertaining Tips

By John Kirchner May 20, 2013

Wow — would you believe you could turn a carport into a fun and festive outdoor entertaining space? Neither could we. But if you think about it, a carport can be enhanced with the right decor just as a deck or a dining room can be. We love these summer outdoor entertaining tips from, which include the carport idea. Another out-of-the-box thought: Bring indoor furniture outside. It adds an unexpected touch of elegance.

Unexpected food and drink also can raise your summer parties a notch. Country Living suggests starting off with cold soup, while berry-based desserts add a light and festive touch. For cocktails, try watermelon punch while you keep the kids happy with a Sunshine Swizzle.

And let’s not forget about the bugs. In many parts of America, they can be counted on to crash every party. Consumer Reports tested insect repellents and found that Cutter and Off rated as the best.

Have a great summer!