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Secret for success: A bee spa for your garden

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows June 14, 2012

It’s summer and things are in bloom — we hope. One thing we often forget about during this time is the role of bees. Yes, we need water and sunshine to make things grow, but we also need bees to pollinate flowers and plants.

If you want to attract them to your garden, try out this ridiculously easy idea from Treehugger. It’s a watering hold for bees and uses things that you have around the house. No fancy products or crazy DIY skills needed!

All you need is a bucket. Fill it with water (change it regularly!). To prevent the bees from drowning, float a good amount of wine corks in the bucket. The bees should buzz in, rest on the corks and rehydrate (it’s like a bee spa!). And then, refreshed, they’ll productively pollinate your garden.

Would you set up a bee watering hole in your garden?

Image courtesy of Treehugger.