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Replacing screens around your home can keep everyone happy

By Lou Manfredini June 27, 2011

Torn screens are a fact of living in everyone’s home. I re-screen our front screen door twice a season — four children and lots of friends pushing on the screen. After removing the old screen, buying a roll of new fiberglass screen (the easiest to use), and some new spline and a spline tool, you can do it yourself without too much trouble.

Lay the torn screen’s frame on the ground and remove the old rubber spline while holding the screen in place. Then spread the new screen over the frame insert the rubber spline rope into the groove and press in place. Use the spline tool, which looks like a pizza cutter, to secure the rope. Hold the excess firmly but not too tightly as you can bow the frame depending on how big it is.

Once the rubber spline is in place and your new screen is tight and flat, cut the excess with a sharp utility knife and replace the screen into its window opening. If it’s a problem screen like my front door, consider aluminum screening, which it a little tougher. And if you have a large pet who likes to stick its snoot in the screens, there are thicker pet screens that are the toughest around.

Sure, you could take this to a hardware store and have the work done for you, but this is an easy one that you can do yourself and keep the bugs from entering your home.