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Photo round-up: Adding style to your home's exterior with a unique mailbox

By John Kirchner June 16, 2011

Every home has one, but so few do anything interesting with it. We’re talking about your mailbox. It can present so many opportunities to display some unique style. Sometimes that style truly fits the character of the home, and sometimes it turns out to be a bit tacky, but it’s always fun to see unique ways a homeowner can show off his or her personal bits of flair.

Here are some photos we found of interesting, better-than-your-average mailboxes. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in here for what you might be able to do to jazz up this otherwise mundane exterior feature.

The easiest way to add some character to your mailbox, as seen in this first photo, is with a nice little paint job. Or maybe it’s wallpaper-style stick-on design; it’s hard to tell. Either way, it sure is nicer to look at than plain black. [photo]

On the completely other end of the spectrum, you could find an object that otherwise has no business being a mailbox — like, say, a V8 engine — and turning into something that adds a personal touch to your home’s exterior and certainly fit into the category of “unique.” [photo]

If a mighty engine block isn’t your thing, how about having a little fun and making your mailbox look like something a little more friendly — like a cute little animal? This cow mailbox could use a fresh coat of paint, and maybe a crab isn’t all that friendly or cute, but they both definitely display some unique character. [photo 1 and 2]

On a slightly more traditional front, mail slots — as opposed to mailboxes — present an opportunity for nice personalization. The roaring lion below is certainly more original than your typical mail slot, and the permanent built-in mail slot (though clearly not on a residence) could be a great way to add some true character to a home. [photo 1 and 2]

Of course, if you prefer something more traditional that adds distinct character without getting too out-there (say, the V8 engine or the bright blue crab isn’t exactly your thing), a flea market or Craigslist might be a good place to find a lovely old free-standing letter box like this one. [photo]