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Peek inside Cameron Diaz's coppery kitchen

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows September 24, 2013

We’re sure that this kitchen probably cost a pretty penny. It is owned by actress Cameron Diaz, and she probably has the means to have whatever sort of kitchen she wants! But it is so beautifully designed. And it looks pretty tiny, which make sense, considering it is a New York City kitchen.


Now normally, the standard advice about designing small spaces is to use lots of light, bright colors–white cabinets, marble countertops, blonde wood floors, etc. This kitchen breaks all those rules, but it just works.

Apartment Therapy has a great descriptor for it: “a gorgeous little jewel box.” It certainly is an unusual combination but the green cabinetry and the copper backsplash make this one glimmering, cozy kitchen. We love it!

If you want to see the rest of Cameron’s apartment, visit ELLE Decor for a slideshow.

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy