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Outdoor versions of games add fun to patio and porch spaces

By John Kirchner July 27, 2011

Creating a beautiful, functional outdoor relaxation space makes summer all the more worthwhile. Who doesn’t love the comfort of patio furniture, hammocks and fire pits?

Another burgeoning trend hitting patios and porches this summer involves classic games made larger and more outdoor-friendly.

Scrabble featured a Sacramento architect who created an outdoor Scrabble board (pictured above) embedded in her patio. She used a wood frame and poured concrete into 3.75-inch squares with 0.25-inch joints. Then, she made 100 letter tiles from baseboard trim. Now, she has a few square feet of concrete that remain functional as a walkway while offering outdoor entertainment.

Jenga is another game that plays nicely outside. True to the original, the outdoor version requires 54 wooden blocks used to create 18 levels. Each block should be three time longer than its width and one-fifth as thick as it’s length. (For instance, the dimensions may be 1.5 in x 2.5 in x 7.5 in.) The best thing about the outdoor version: You won’t find small wooden blocks hiding under tables and between couch cushions. Check out this helpful DIY guide.

What are some of your favorite lawn games? What games would you like to to see redesigned to become a part of your porch or patio?