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Organizing your home is as easy as 1, 2, 3

By Lou Manfredini January 4, 2010

There is one thing we all have in common around our homes: too much stuff.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I have too much closet space”? Didn’t think so. How about, “My garage is a haven of neat and tidy”? Well, the real trick in keeping your home together is two-fold.

1. Everything needs a place of its own.
2. You need to get it there.

Below are some tips to help you get your home organized.

General storage:

You can achieve this by way of storage totes. These totes come in every style, color, and shape you can imagine. They are sturdy and stackable. Larger units can hold holiday decorations and toys. Smaller units can slide under your bed to hold sweaters and shoes. For those of you with basements, these totes make great sense if your basement ever gets water. They’ll keep your items dry and if you get a lot of water they can even float. Prices range from a few dollars to under $50.00 for the big ones. One of my safety tips: If you are using larger totes for storage drill a hole in the top about half an inch around to let a little airflow inside, just in case a small child were to lock himself inside.


Whoever came up with the “single rod and shelf” idea must not have had much to put in his or her closet. These days closet organizers are virtually everywhere. From home centers to hardware stores, you can find systems for as little as $20, and they take virtually no skills to install. A screwdriver, hammer, and tape measure are about all you’ll need. In a little more than an hour, you can have a closet that will hold up to 40 percent more clothes and apparel than the traditional rod and shelf.

Garage and deck:

Two areas that seem to collect all sorts of junk and none of fits neatly anywhere. There are countless systems out there to create a home for basketballs, Rollerblades, and Rip Sticks. A deck box is a great way to use that corner space on your deck or patio to store all of your outdoor gear. These sturdy cabinets are waterproof and will store your outdoor furniture pads, barbeque tools, even your spare propane tank. It can be locked as well.

If your home is like mine you have more than one bicycle. (We have 6.) Stackable bike racks are a great way to use all the space in your garage or even a storage locker in your apartment building. Bicycles take up a lot of storage space and stacking them gives you more room. Just think – you might actually have room for your car!

Photo courtesy of canodew on Flickr