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New Uses for Old Windows

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows February 9, 2010

Window replacement is a subject near and dear to MLuxe. There’s so much to love about new windows: They look great, perform better and are more energy efficient.

The old windows get recycled or discarded, but what if you have a creative side?

Calfinder gives some fun tips on what you can do with your old windows. Remember that not all windows will work for these creative uses. You might wish to consult with your building professional.

Windows among the flowers: Use old windows in the garden as a flowerbed divider or as a background for a window planter.

Windows as furniture: Need a new headboard? Your old window might just do the trick!

If you have a green thumb, you could use your old windows to start a small greenhouse, where light is essential for growing.

Visit Calfinder for more ideas about how to put old windows to good use.

Images courtesy of Calfinder