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Natural pools, naturally

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows May 2, 2013

At the time this post is being written, we in Minnesota are due for snow. Yes, it’s May. No, that’s not normal. Yes, we wonder why we live here, too.

So let’s think positive thoughts about warm weather and maybe some will come our way soon. And what’s better during the summer than taking a dip in the pool? Only problem is that chlorine, the most commonly used disinfectant in pools, can have whole host of nasty side effects. Plus, it smells unpleasant and — true story — once turned this blogger’s hair a lovely shade of green as a child.

Luckily, the idea of natural pools has become more popular. According to The Daily Green:

“Managed properly, natural swimming pools have crystal clear water and require no chemicals to maintain, as they are self-cleaning mini-ecosystems. “You can drink the water if you want to, and you don’t necessarily have to take a shower,” says Morgan Brown of Idaho-based Whole Water Systems, LLC. The natural pools designer says the systems also have lower maintenance costs than conventional pools, and their installation costs are not much more than standard designs.”

Check out the pool below. If you thought this was a natural mountain pond, you’d be wrong!

We love the thoughtful details of this natural pool, including the steps for easy access and the dock — perfect for laying out on a summer’s day.


This might have more of the hallmarks of the traditional pool (the clear blue-green water, the wooden decking), but this pool is from Clear Water Revival, which tries to “replace some of the ecological functions lost with the vast destruction of wetlands, particularly in the form of habitat for plants.”


Here’s to being out by a pool soon!

Images courtesy of The Daily Green