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Modified Ford F-750 makes life on the road luxurious

By Berit Griffin November 22, 2013

It is not uncommon for builders to take on projects away from home. Doing so can be very lucrative, but it often means long commutes in the truck or extended stays at a hotel.

But for the right price, a builder could have both a truck and hotel. The truck you see above is the perfect solution for the builder constantly on the road. According to,

“Peter Dunkel, of Dunkel Bros. Machinery Moving in Los Angeles, modified a Ford F-750 so he could do out-of-town projects in comfort. We’re not talking nicer seats and a cushier ride—though it may have those things. We’re talking living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and space to sleep six. Oh yeah, and there is a dump bed, but you’ll need a ladder to get into it.”

Unfortunately, Dunkel’s truck failed to meet the asking price at auction in August. It was expected to fetch between $450,000-$650,000 from the winning bidder. Hardly pocket change! What does on get for a half-a-million-dollar truck? Check out the list of highlights

– Multipurpose vehicle: motorhome and heavy-duty hauler
– Industrial wireless remote controls every part of automation on the vehicle
– Instant hot water, no propane needed
– Rear bed can hold 8,000+ pounds; base plate done in ½ inch diamond plate
– 1,200 ft/lbs of torque, 70 MPH cruising speed
– Dual auxiliary fuel tanks, 60 gallons total
– Water-tight, air-pressurized generator and storage compartments
– On board air compressor and tanks, Hideaway storage bins
– Spare tire carrier and hoist rear slide out storage boxes
– Centralized electrical compartments, Exterior 10-inch subwoofer
– $20,000 spent on parts alone for wiring harness
– Supreme Kenwood entertainment sound system with flip up exterior speakers
– Expanded storage below batteries and fuel tank
– Spring-assisted tailgate retract with a 2-inch body lift
– Truck was widened by 22 inches to accommodate a vehicle in the back
– Less than half the weight of a conventional motorhome while maintaining all functionality and the ability to tow more
– Floating cab to maximize comfort and make for a smooth ride
– Cabin attached to a different chassis linked to an air bag system that is then mounted to the frame
– Sleeping quarters, full-service shower in bathroom, stove top and sink in kitchen, and living area with couch and flat-screen

Who needs a home when you’ve got a truck like this, right?