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Marker art

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows January 10, 2013

Has your small child ever taken a marker to your floors and walls? If you’ve spent time with a bucket of soapy water scrubbing their designs off, you’ve probably contemplated instating a no-markers-in-the-house-EVER rule. But maybe your little one’s marker art skills just need to be developed a little…

Curbly recently featured the work of Heike Weber. She is an artist whose medium is–what else?–permanent marker! And just look at what she can do with it:

Of course, your son or daughter probably isn’t up to this level yet, but who knows? Maybe with a supply of markers, a wall in your house that no one really sees (the basement maybe?) and a little patience, their “wall art” could become real art!

Image courtesy of Curbly.