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Man's best friend and a great tool for the trade

By Berit Griffin November 13, 2013

We’ve talked a lot about important tools for builders and remodelers to have, whether that’s a literal tool, or something like an iPad on the jobsite or a Facebook page for your customers to like. But you know what else is a great tool for the trade to have? A dog.

Yes, man’s best friend can be a builder’s best bud too. They’re always happy to go to work, support you constantly and are all-around adorable. And let’s not forget the guard dog aspect–having a canine companion around can definitely deter thieves. Plus, they’re a lot of fun!

To celebrate the trade and their dogs, Fine Homebuilding has a fun gallery where you can submit pictures of your best worker (dog variety). Go over there today to take a look and upload a picture.

Tell us–do you bring your dog to the jobsite? Do you like it? Does your dog?

Image courtesy of Fine Homebuilding