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Link Love: River pool, women and garden houses

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows May 1, 2014

Invisible Garden House by Simon Hjermind Jensen
Design Milk
“How amazing would it be to extend the feeling of summer a bit with the help of a micro climate that lets you enjoy the great outdoors while also being sheltered. Simon Hjermind Jensen designed the Invisible Garden House just north of Copenhagen for a family wanting to relish summer for all it has to offer. Three domes are connected to form the house and with the help of natural ventilation, the domes are heated within by the sun’s rays.”

How to Safely Store Stuff in Appliances
Apartment Therapy
“To evade disaster, consider these tips for employing appliances as extra storage safely. ”

11 things women want in a home
MSN Real Estate
“A growing segment of the housing industry is studying what in a home matters most to women. ”

+Pool: A Floating Pool in the River for Everyone
This Kickstarter project took a unique idea and creative design to build something that uses existing river water. Pretty cool!