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Link Love: Camouflage marble, TV real estate and more

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows April 22, 2014

Ask A Designer: How Often Should I Paint and Make Over My House?
House Beautiful
A designer gives some various approaches to take when you’re considering refreshing your home.

4 DIY Decorating Ideas for a Staircase
Real Simple
“Want a hit of playfulness without making over an entire room? Here are four DIY ideas for a gorgeous staircase.”

Stop Worrying: 7 Things About Your Home That Aren’t A Big Deal
Apartment Therapy
“Do you fret over certain aspects of your home? Do they keep you up at night? Do you spend hours Googling (or Apartment Therapy-ing) for the answer that will fix your problem and tone down your home-related stress? There are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to home, but these seven things aren’t them. Take the worries after the jump off your plate and spend your mental energy on enjoying your space and your life!”

15 Sitcom Characters Who Might Be Broke If They Lived In The Real World
“We chose 15 of America’s favorite TV shows and examined their dwellings as well as their estimated incomes (based on occupations). We researched the real-life cities and neighborhoods that the sitcoms were set in and found comparable real estate and rental listings. Take a look and find out if four roommates really are needed to pay the rent on the expansive L.A. loft in “New Girl”.”

Manmade marble by Max Lamb used to create camouflage furniture installation
“British designer Max Lamb developed a multicoloured engineered marble for Dzek, which was used to build furniture that appears to merge with walls of the same material for an installation in Milan.”

Image courtesy of Dezeen