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Kitchen design: Killing the triangle

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows July 26, 2012

We’ve all heard of the “kitchen triangle”: stove, sink and fridge within easy reach of each other. But kitchen designer Susan Serra, writing on, wonders if the triangle is still an accurate.

She points out:

“Not to disparage the overall sound reasoning of the theory, but society has changed and people are ever more comfortable—and eager—to express themselves creatively. As a result, kitchen design has evolved too. Rather than blindly following the kitchen triangle directive, families are now designing kitchens to better fit their modern lifestyles. It’s becoming more common, for example, for multiple generations to live and cook within the same kitchen. Different generations have different needs, so in order to make the food prep and dining more efficient, accommodations may include seating at a prep area for seniors. Or it may mean that the refrigerator is placed in a location perceived as inconvenient, but which serves to create a better workflow for those who use the kitchen at the same time—so that children can serve themselves snacks while their parents prep for dinner. Specialty accommodations and/or kitchens designed solely for aging-in-place seniors, Boomers, or Gens X, Y, and Z may also be good reason to violate the sacred kitchen triangle.”

Very true. There’s no reason to be wedded to the triangle idea if it doesn’t work for you. After all, it’s your kitchen! And you could probably easily cut off one side of the triangle. Do you really need your fridge right next to your sink and stove? How often are you trekking to get more vegetables or butter?

The sink and stove are a little different. When you’re carrying a pot full of hot water and pasta over to the sink for draining, you don’t want to have to walk too far and risk spilling. Ouch.

Do you subscribe to the kitchen triangle rule? If you remodeled your kitchen, would you think this was important?

Image courtesy of on Flickr.