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Interior design and decorating trends for 2010

By John Kirchner February 1, 2010

We recently shared some tips on refreshing your home in 2010 with a successful remodeling project. Of course, remodeling is only part of the picture, so let’s take a look at some interior design and decorating trends pros see on the horizon for the year ahead.

Shelterffic has a list of 15 predictions of hot trends from interior design Christopher Hyland, some of which are simple and sensible (like “couches with high backs” or “frosted glass”) and others of which are maybe just a bit too sophisticated for your average homeowner (like “18th Century Gustavian design” or “An increasingly creative use of seemingly incongruous elements such as sheets of studded metal over plastic or in tandem with silk damask as wall panels”). Still, it’s a good list and should give just about anyone a little something interesting to think about.

A blogger at says the classic black-and-white color combo, though it never really went away, will see a resurgence in 2010. And if black and white isn’t your thing, purple will be a popular, bold color choice. She also expected demand for reclaimed wood and other “green” materials to continue to rise.

Speaking of which, Natural Home Magazine offers its own take on predicted trends for 2010. Among them: sprucing up with bright, natural colors like turquoise and an increase in “designing with natural light.”