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Inspiring before-and-after bathroom remodels

By John Kirchner August 14, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens featured recent a great collection of photos from some pretty stunning bathroom remodeling projects. One of the most impressive changes is depicted in the pair of photos shown above. Words can barely describe the desperate need for updating the dated style and worn-down details on display in the “before” version.

The “after” version, however, is a different story (as is the point, right?). Clever storage/display spaces, stylish accents, clean colors, new fixtures. It’s beautiful in all aspects. As BHG writes:

With the offending elements gone, the vanity area was also given an infusion of spa style, using both hard-edge and fluid shapes. Square niches carved out between wall studs provide storage and display space, and the series of squares is broken up with a chic round mirror. A curvaceous faucet also gives the area an organic look and is balanced by the vanity’s crisp, straight millwork detailing.

There’s plenty more where that came from. Head over to the BHG website to see 17 other impressive bathroom before-and-afters.