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Inside Manhattan duplex renovation with Nate Berkus

By John Kirchner October 17, 2012

Architectural Digest has a profile of interior designer and television star Nate Berkus and the renovation of his 19th-century Manhattan duplex. They write:

Berkus bought the apartment, in a 19th-century Greenwich Village building, in 2011, after a period of renting a loftlike space in a mod Jean Nouvel–designed tower overlooking the Hudson River. “I always had this New York fantasy of living in a glass high-rise,” he says, adding that he relocated from Chicago three years ago to film The Nate Berkus Show(no longer in production). It turns out panoramic views and sleek surfaces didn’t suit him. “While I respect contemporary architecture a great deal, I was uncomfortable from the moment I moved in,” he recalls. “I felt like I was living on a shelf.”

You’ll have to buy the magazine (or its digital edition) or become a subscriber to read the full article, but AD also published a short video interview in which Berkus discusses the renovation project.