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Industry news roundup: March 17, 2014

By Berit Griffin March 17, 2014

Four “Do’s” of Selling High-Performance Homes
Custom Home
“If the high-performance home market is booming, why do some builders feel that buyers won’t pay for green homes? The message is off, says John Barrows.”

Don’t Be An Idiot: How to Use Any Kind of Ladder Safely
Popular Mechanics
Because it never hurts to remind trade professionals of some ladder basics…be safe out there!

Temporary Job Site Power Box–Plans to Build Your Own
Fine Homebuilding
Matt Risinger walks you through the steps needed to get some on-site power.

Getting Contractors to Man Up
New York Times
“When stories about home renovation end in tears, the villain, likelier than not, is the contractor. Now a reality show purports to find the bad eggs and bring them to justice.”