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Industry news roundup: July 22, 2013

By Berit Griffin July 22, 2013

Housing Prices on the Move
“Housing prices have risen sharply during the past few months. While every market has its own dynamics, recent national trends are more indicative of the magnitude of past declines than a warning sign of overheated markets. But a return to double-digit appreciation rates is worthy of a closer look.”

Good experience, good margin
Housing Zone
“Remodeling and custom home building are similar in that both are ‘high touch’ relationships. Not to say that production home building is not high touch; but there is a gap. People who build one-of-a-kind custom houses expect a lot of your time when they commission you to design and/or build their next home. Nobody wants to feel like they are ‘owned’ for any period of time, but if you were somehow able to crawl into the mindset of most clients, they feel like they ‘own’ a good portion of your time during the building process. Yes, they know you have other clients, but they don’t care about that very much.”

Tailgate: Susan Marvin, Window Manufacturer
Fine Homebuilding
“Keeping a labor force intact was one strategy a family business used to survive the recession by thinking about the future.”