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Industry news roundup for May 13, 2013: how low-E glass is made, salvage materials, and shipping-container houses

By Berit Griffin May 13, 2013

How It’s Made: Low-E Glass
“Low-E glazing falls into two broad categories: soft coat and hard coat. Both applications involve depositing a thin, transparent coating of silver or tin oxide on the glass surface to allow short-wavelength sunlight to pass through while blocking long-wavelength heat radiation. The difference between the two coatings lies in their application, which affects the glazing performance and durability.”

Scrap Mettle
Custom Home
“Yesterday’s mass-produced items are today’s one-offs, and using salvage in small doses can be a great way to get a custom look for less.”

Do shipping container houses make sense for disaster relief housing?
“Japanese architect Yatsutaka Yoshimura has designed what he calls the “ex-container project, in what Designboom says is a ‘response to calls for disaster relief housing after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan.'”