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Industry news round-up for December 2, 2013: designing for resilience, rebounding housing markets and more

By Berit Griffin December 2, 2013

Designing for Resilience
Custom Home
Residential Architect’s 2013 annual conference was all about designing for resilience. Keynote speaker Bill Browning, one of the founders of Terrapin Bright Green and an advocate for biomimicry in building design and construction, opened the conference. Browning talked about how architects, designers, planners, and builders should prepare for increasingly extreme weather patterns and epic storms, which are more and more common. The thrust of his message was that we can’t build totally weather-proof structures, but we can produce houses, buildings, neighborhoods, and entire cities that recover quickly and efficiently. ‘Resiliency is not about preventing failure,’ Browning says, ‘but how do we bounce back and bounce forward.’ ”

Housing markets rebound faster when foreclosures proceed quickly
Los Angeles Times
“Why have many of the local housing markets that were hit hardest during the bust — especially in California — bounced back so vigorously and quickly, with prices close to or exceeding where they were in 2005 and 2006? And why have many others along the East Coast and in the Midwest had a slower move toward recovery, with sluggish sales and gradual increases in values?”

Vancouver, B.C., Bans Doorknobs in Building Code Update
Housing Zone
“The goal of making it easier for people to age in place led to amendments to Vancouver, B.C.’s building code including banning doorknobs in favor of lever handles. There are also changes to how counters and sinks are built, wider doorways and hallways, and raised electrical outlets.”