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In latest episode of Lou Manfredini's HouseSmarts, antiquated bathroom design no test for remodeling project

By John Kirchner June 27, 2012

When it  comes to home design sensibilities, much has changed since the 1950s. For instance, the idea of having to pass through a master bathroom to reach a closet space now seems like a major inconvenience, a feature you’d be hard pressed to find in any modern floor plan. But just because our sensibilities have changed doesn’t mean older homes should go to waste.

Quite to the contrary. Check out this recent video from Lou Manfredini’s HouseSmarts series which features a pass-through that received a major facelift. The result? Improved flow and functionality. With the right plan, nearly any antiquated floor plan can be revitalized. All you need is a little vision and know-how to execute a brilliant remodeling project like the one above.