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Imagination is a remodeler's most important tool

By Berit Griffin August 14, 2013

The most successful professionals in the remodeling industry have one thing in common — imagination.

OK, they probably have more than one thing in common, but time and time again, the work of great remodelers inspires. Where most of us see a painfully outdated space, they see potential. Where we see hopelessness, they see an opportunity.

Remodeling, after all, is about executing a vision and pumping new life and functionality into a home. It’s a tall task in many cases, but when you see a beautifully executed project, no home seems beyond redemption. For instance, take a look at this great bathroom makeover recently posted on

And here’s another brilliant project:

It just goes to show most any home can be saved. It just requires a good remodeler, a willing client and a little imagination!