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How remodelers can earn more referrals and repeat business

By Integrity Windows February 22, 2013

As a remodeler, you can spend all you want on a fancy new website, a social media marketing strategy, advertising and association memberships. If you’re not impressing your clients enough to earn their business a second or third time or enough to earn their recommendation if a friend or family member is looking for a firm, well, you had better be based in a hot market!

Nothing is more influential than the opinions of people we trust. That is why referrals and repeat business are so critical to the success of any remodeler.

Ed Gregorski, editor-in-chief at Professional Remodeler, tapped some of the best in the business for a series of tips to boost referrals and repeat business. Though it requires a little extra work, Gregorski points out, “Referrals reduce sales expenses and the sales cycle; referrals build your cache of satisfied customers; and ultimately referrals will increase your sales revenue.”

Here’s just a few of the best tips in Gregorski’s story. (You can read the rest on

Communicate Clearly & Set Expectations
“From the onset of the project, remodelers should sit down with the client and clearly communicate the expectations for the project. This discussion should examine both the remodeler’s expectations from the client, and the client’s expectations from the remodeler. Furthermore, it is critical the communication should continue throughout the lifespan of the project.”

Simply Ask for Feedback from Clients
How often do you ask the client for a referral? What about the other parties whom you came in contact with for the first time during the project? Be sure to give your clients ample time to enjoy their new remodeling project before asking them for a referral.

Incorporate Feedback to Improve Your Business
It is critical that remodelers react to the feedback they receive from clients. If you can correct or address any of the issues raised by the client from their survey response or in-person interview, it is essential to act upon this information whether or not you believe the objection is reasonable.

Establish & Maintain Good Client Relationships
Sounds simple enough, but how much time do you spend working on the client relationship? Throughout the project and post-project, it is essential to communicate with clients who matter very much to your business.