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Hair chair: Do you dare? - The Bare Hair Project by designer Ola Giertz

By John Kirchner June 25, 2012

By way of our friends at Design Milk, we recently learned about the Bare Hair Project by Swedish furniture and product designer Ola Giertz. Let’s just say it’s, well, interesting. According to Design Milk:

Developed for a Swedish hair studio, the poufs are made from discarded human hair that is stuffed inside of plastic coverings made from recycled PET bottles. … Using transparent covers highlights the re-used contents of the pouf making you think about bringing new things to life.

It’s certainly an artistic, abstract way of increasing awareness for recycling and upcycling. Could you ever imagine putting this in your home? Hair, once its cut from its traditional resting place atop the head, tends to gross out a lot of people. Then again, these little seats are probably pretty comfortable.

Read more and see more photos at Design Milk.