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Great Holiday Hostess Gifts

By Marvin Windows December 23, 2013

Sure, you can always bring a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates on your holiday party whirl. But wouldn’t any hostess appreciate something a little more out of the ordinary?

How about a bottle of lemon-infused cutting board oil? It’s one of Real Simple’s 10 Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas.

Martha Stewart has her own collection of gift ideas — and also suggests that if you do go the wine-and-chocolate route, you can elevate your gift by giving it a special wrap.

House Beautiful wants you to pump up the jam — in a jar, that is. And Pinterest, of course, has more hostess gift ideas ideas than you could ever use in a lifetime.

We hope your holiday season is a great one. And we hope your guests delight you with a special gift that’s both beautiful and useful.