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Five questions with Randy Burton of Burton Builders

By Berit Griffin May 22, 2014


With the June 26 entry deadline for the 2014 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award program a little over a month away, Integrity’s Builder Blog recently caught up with Randy Burton of Burton Builders to discuss his successful run during last year’s campaign. Andrews Residence, designed and built by Burton Builders, was not only named a Red Diamond Achiever Award winner, it also earned the People’s Choice for best overall project as determined by public vote.

Are you considering entering this year’s program? Burton answered some questions about what winning has meant for his company, and even shares a few secrets to success…


What made you decide to enter the 2013 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award program?

Randy Burton: “Having worked with Integrity products for several years, and knowing that Integrity products worked well to accomplish our goals, we believed that the Andrews Residence project represented the best of our collaborative efforts with our Integrity team. We believed this was a winning project in many ways.”


What was your reaction when you found out your project (Andrews Residence) was not only selected a winner by the judging panel, but also voted the 2013 People’s Choice by the general public?

Burton: “Having viewed the other winners and knowing that the Andrews Residence project was very traditional, and seeing that most winning projects these days are more modern, we happily flew to Minnesota believing we were fortunate to be in the top 5. Late in the day on the last day of our trip, we had the great surprise to find out we actually were the People’s Choice winner. Honestly, I was rather stunned, then super proud, as not only was this project a national winner, it had been fully designed in our office. Pretty cool!”


What has been the biggest benefit of being named a Red Diamond Achiever Award winner?

Burton: “The benefits have been many and varied. We have a great distributor (Super Marvin) and supplier (Atlantic Millwork), and they rolled out the red carpet for us. So, along with the press release info sent out by Integrity, which ran in several of our local print publications, our local distributor and supplier ran some pretty awesome full-page ads recognizing our achievement. Although we have been building beautiful homes for 27 years, the recognition as a national award-winning company has greatly increased our visibility and standing. This home, and therefore our work, has since then been featured in two magazines and other local media. Again, pretty cool.”


What is your advice to other building professionals who may be on the fence about entering the Red Diamond Achiever Award program?

Burton: “Get some high-quality photos done of your work, write a strong, brief description of the project, and make submit it. It’s well worth the effort. You will be paid back in spades.”


Is there a secret to your success that you are willing to share with fellow building professionals?

Burton: “The secret to our success as a builder is maintaining our own integrity and using Integrity products. The secrecy to winning once your in the top 5 is don’t hold back on crowing from the roof tops — it just might make you the People’s Choice!”