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Does your home feel monotonous? Try going monochromatic

By John Kirchner December 12, 2012

If I say “monochromatic room,” you probably imagine a dreadful, drearily room decorated all white, beige or perhaps grey with silver accents. Hardly inspiring, is it?

As Lisa Frederick writes for, “People often assume that ‘monochromatic’ is a synonym for ‘monotonous.'” But the truth is a monochromatic room can be the masterpiece of your home.

Frederick shares some great advice for pulling off the single-color look:

  • “Monochromatic rooms gain nuance and interest when you layer in different tones of the same hue. But the opposite tack — drenching the space in a single tone of a saturated color — amps up the drama.”
  • “Green is one of the easiest colors to spread throughout a room; it’s so prevalent in the outdoor world that we’re used to seeing it en masse.”
  • “Sometimes a jolt of a dramatically different color provides the energy that a monochromatic space needs.”
  • “How do you keep a white-on-white space from feeling cold and clinical? Weave in materials that have an innate warmth, such as this dark-stained flooring.”

Would you try a monochromatic room in your home?