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Do awesome rooms = kids around the house?

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows May 29, 2013

Do you remember your room when you were a kid? For most of us it was the first place we had any sort (mostly a very limited sort!) of control over. Maybe you got to pick a color scheme or your bedding. But if it’s a parent’s house and a parent’s money, they were the ones that probably got the final say over any budding designers.

Apartment Therapy via the Wall Street Journal covered the topic of parents putting some money into kids’ rooms to keep them around the house. The reporter cites parents who have invested in extra large TVs, pool tables, arcade games and even kitchens! Of course, to keep an eye on the teens, what ultra luxury room would be complete without a video monitoring system?

Making the house more enticing for kids to bring their friends to and hang out at is nothing new. When I hit the pre-teen years, my parents remodeled the basement to ensure that we had a place to go. But aside from a TV and VCR down there (and the TV wasn’t even that big), there weren’t any overly luxurious touches. Even if there were, they would have been in a public area that everyone in the family could enjoy. A kid’s room/suite is meant to be enjoyed by one person.

Where would you out your remodeling money? After any necessary renovations like updating kitchens and bathrooms are done, would you allocate resources to upgrading a family area like a family room or basement rec room, or would you let the kids have a luxurious space that’s truly their own? And what’s too much for a kids’ space? Let us know!

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Wong on Flickr.