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Decoration ideas to spark your Christmas spirit

By John Kirchner December 5, 2011

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and December has arrived, you can join your overzealous neighbors in proudly displaying Christmas decor.

If you’re like some of us here in Minnesota enjoying a mild autumn and you fear hanging Christmas lights and decorating a tree will only encourage winter’s arrival, here are some ideas to kick-start your holiday spirit:

Nostalgia for sale – Christmas ornaments should be somewhere near the top of the list of most commonly inherited family items. For those who get nostalgic during the holiday season, CasaSugar has a roundup of ornaments you might recognize from your childhood, along with price and availability.

Christmas decorating ideas to last the winter – If you dread the tedium of hanging decorations that will be taken down and put away just weeks later, Calfinder has some cool decorating ideas that can last well past Christmas. Our favorite: Stringing pine cones and hanging them from the mantel. Simple, tasteful, energy efficient, but still bursting with merriment.

A Christmas tree for every room – A giant Fraser fir in the living room is nice, but The Haystack Needle says spread the Christmas love this year with potted trees, big and small, positioned throughout the home. Imagine that crisp, refreshing smell of pine in every room.

[Image from The Haystack Needle]