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Decorating a vacation home

By John Kirchner August 16, 2010

The blog Home Design Find brings up an interesting challenge: decorating a vacation home. Perhaps you hadn’t thought much about it, but the situation can provide some unique hurdles.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a vacation home, you may have already experienced the daunting question of how to decorate it. On one hand, you want your place to be comfortable and stylish. You also want furniture that is of high enough quality that it can withstand punishment from guests but not of so expensive that you’ll be worrying about stains and scratches every time someone sets a glass down. And if you rent out your vacation home, there’s another factor to consider: your decor has to appeal to people other than yourself.

HDF recommends hard-working, durable floors; adding a personal touch; and keeping things casual and simple. Another website,, offers some further tips on decorating a vacation home. Enough with the tips, though; how about some nice photos to ogle?

Sunset magazine offers some lovely photos (and some related decor tips, too) of a modern cabin in northern Washington. Along with the photos are some recommendations on where to find certain products and pieces of furniture that appear in the cabin. shares some more nice photos from another gorgeous cabin in eastern Washington (what’s in the water out there?). Maybe you can find some design inspiration in these photos.