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Choose Your Plants Wisely

By Marvin Windows July 10, 2013

USDA plant hardiness map - CT

We’ve found that gardening and landscaping can become remarkably addictive. There are few things more rewarding than nurturing plants that add beauty and value to your home. It really does give one a feeling of having done something worthwhile.

If you haven’t considered your climate in detail, take a look at the UDSA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. It will tell you which plants will thrive in your area. Then go out and get your hands dirty.

But before you do, consider one more thing: how your landscaping approach might affect your home’s value. This academic research on the subject found:

“Survey respondents ranked design sophistication as most important, plant size as next important, and diversity of plant type as least important. … The preferred landscape included a sophisticated design with large deciduous, evergreen, and annual color plants and colored hardscape. … Survey results showed that relatively large landscape expenditures significantly increase perceived home value and will result in a higher selling price than homes with a minimal landscape.”