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Inspired By Marvin

By Marvin Windows October 12, 2015

“Some companies see windows as they are and say, why? We dream of windows that never were and say, why not?”
~Frank Marvin, third generation Marvin family member

At Marvin, we see windows as not just as something you look through, but something you look at. The right windows and doors can make a room come to life. They provide comfort, light and set the mood of the room, and the entire home. To us, windows are the essential design element of a home and we know that the most beautiful spaces are rooms where the window serves as the focal point and makes you step back and say “wow.” And we’re not alone…

To show how the right windows and doors can transform a space, we teamed up with three influential design bloggers to help demonstrate just how impactful the right window in the right room can be. We asked each to re-imagine a room, designed around a Marvin window or door. Using one of our products as the starting point, each created a mood board for the space. From textures and fabrics to furniture, paint colors and lighting, each shared how a room could be reinvented, or inspired by a Marvin window or door.

The results were truly inspiring. If you haven’t had the chance to check out how these bloggers were inspired by Marvin, you can view the blogs at the links below. Or, visit Marvin’s “Inspired By” Pinterest board to take a closer look at the products that were used in each mood board. Enjoy!

The Inspired Room:

The City Sage:

La Dolce Vita: