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Built Around You: Kitchen makeover inspiration

By John Kirchner July 13, 2010

Perhaps you think your modern kitchen is sleek, stylish and minimalist. Well, chances are you have nothing on this kitchen when it comes to being sleek and minimal. Kitchen designer Susan Serra dissects the design of the space and offers a few thoughts on whether it would work for the typical homeowner or kitchen user.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of that modern style or just some more usable space, this ideabook from, also written by Serra, might be helpful. It will give you some ideas about incorporating an effective and useful islands or workstations into your kitchen, whatever your style or functional need.

If an ultra-modern kitchen isn’t your style and you’re not looking to take the big step of working an island into your kitchen, maybe these simpler kitchen remodeling ideas will give you something to work with. Relatively minor remodeling tasks like updating your lighting or refinishing your cabinetry will go a long way toward making you happier with the room in which you likely spend a good amount of your home time.