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Building up a new generation

By Berit Griffin November 5, 2012

Today we want to share with you a cool blog that focuses on the building world–but by children! Built by Kids was founded by the folks from Charles & Hudson, a home improvement/DIY blog.

Here’s its mission:

“Built by Kids is created WITHBY and FOR children. We celebrate the parents, families, caregivers and educators who value the power of creative development and are nostalgic for a time when weekends were set aside for building a fort or making models.

We believe that a child’s imagination is endless and their thirst for knowledge is insatiable. We believe that by teaching children practical skills and encouraging them to submit to their creativity, children become more confident, capable and cosmopolitan.

At Built by Kids, the process is the goal. We know that a daughter will cherish the precious memories of making a dollhouse with her father long after the house itself is gone. And that a grandson will, one day, proudly pass the workshop skills he learned from his grandparents along to his own children.

As our rich community of readers will say, it doesn’t take a lot of money or a contractor’s license to connect with our children and make lifelong memories together.  It just takes a little inspiration, some good old fashion elbow grease and time.”

Now, we know that as builders you deal with grownup building projects–houses and buildings and the like. But what got you interested in doing this? Was it the shop class you took in high school? Or when you someone taught you a basic building skill? Or maybe it was taking on a small project of your own and realizing that you could make an object of practicality and/or beauty out of raw materials?

Which leads us to our next thought: How do you mentor younger generations to make sure there is interest in the building industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image courtesy of ianus on Flickr.